Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

The day's been sort of lazy. I woke fairly early, though not right with my alarms, and went downstairs to turn on KTLA, the local station who plays the Rose Parade all day in the LA area, over and over again. The first iteration is commercial-free, so I DVRed that one. There's a slew of pre-parade warm-up material starting at around 2AM, but I only taped the last show before the parade, and lo and behold!, there was a piece of about four minutes length where they visited the home of the guy behind Fiesta Floats. I have an interest in him because his father used to be my patient, and this artist rides one of his floats every year carrying his blue macaw. It was a good way to remind me about my history in the community, his father, and his history.

The remainder of the day we rested. When forestcats awoke, I replayed the parade, drowsing through it. Much later, we went to Roscoe's for dinner, using a Groupon, and they've not only retained the lousy waitstaff, but they changed the menu, dropping all the things that we liked about the place. That's it, finito. Endsville.

Into the evening, I streamed Expelled with Ben Stein, and rapidly stopped it. Uck. Conservative diatribe, and very one-sided. I followed that with College, Inc., which was very good about showing both sides of the issues. That's the difference between a good and bad documentary. Bravo to the latter!

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