Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I had a busy day, yesterday, but I managed to get home fairly early. forestcats fed us a good Chinese chicken salad, which was satisfying.

Then, I plunked down and put on the last disc of Young Indiana Jones, which had nothing but computer games on it, and a final lecture about the effects of the Versailles Treaty and how it led to WWII. Odd how the victors won the war, but lost the peace. Too bad we never seem to learn from history.

We then also finished with Carnivale by watching the Netflix disc of season two, disc six. Clearly, though it seemed like it was all over, they had intended the series to go on for some time. I'm sad that it never got the chance. I'd call this series worth watching, even so.

Oh, and nights have been cold here; in the 30s. My spouse reports that she's seen ice in the corral in the mornings. Welcome to Southern California!

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