Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Especially when I'm on hospital duty, I do a lot of driving in my work. It's one of the things that can be tiring about my job. However, it's also deadly dangerous. I continue to be amazed at the rampant stupidity of so many of the other drivers. It's terrifying.

Daily, I see people running red lights. Daily, I see people turning right ignoring oncoming traffic in the lanes that they're entering. I can't begin to count the number of times I've been nearly hit by people ignoring stop signs, or pretending that a rolling stop is a real one. You know the law about who goes first when two cars reach a stop sign at the same time? You know...the car to the right? Why doesn't anyone else in the Inland Empire seem to know this law?

But yesterday was the worst I've seen yet. I was driving on a major street, when I saw a school bus on the opposite side of the street with its red lights flashing, and its stop sign deployed. The law is that all vehicles driving in both directions are supposed to stop for this, and I did. The driver in the car behind me leaned on his horn, and stayed on it the whole time (four minutes) that we were stopped, even though the car to my left in the other northbound lane also stopped. I have to assume that the jerk had bribed his way into getting his license from the DMV.

I hope it made him very happy. Too bad the police weren't nearby, because I think that display of pique would have gotten him a ticket for disturbing the peace.

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