Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

With the day's duties over, forestcats and I drove into Pomona because she'd heard that the Buttermilk truck and The Shrimp Guys truck were going to be there for the Artwalk, a twice monthly event on 2nd Street in the 500 West block. We didn't know about it, so the trucks participation definitely led to our being there. Good going, guys!

Finding parking was pretty easy, once we discovered the truck, and we got into line. The Buttermilk truck was on time, but they were still tooling up when we joined the line, so we chatted with other folks standing with us. Soon, the line started moving.

At that point, The Shrimp Guys truck arrived, fairly late. They got a vehicle to vacate, and they parked their trailer next to Buttermilk. I got into that line while forestcats awaited our fare from Buttermilk. We were still waiting for The Shrimp Guys when she brought our order over to the line.

I liked the Cider Dough Doughnut Holes very much. I also had the Red Velvet Chocolate Chip pancakes, which were good. I'm not that big a fan of eating breakfast for supper, though, so although the food was good, it's not a truck that I'd go out of my way to visit. Not like, say, Komodo.

Finally, The Shrimp Guys opened, and we each ordered. They made our dishes pretty quickly, and my spouse and I moved out of the line to eat.

I had the Spicy Butter Garlic Shrimp; she had the Spicy Coconut Lime Shrimp, which a number of people have stated is terrific. Mine was very, very good. Hers was terrific. Now, THIS is a truck that I'll consider going out of my way to seek out again.

The Artwalk was amusing, and helpful in settling our meal(s), and there were some interesting pieces of art that we saw, including what appears to be a float covered in stylized playing cards.

However, we did finally head home, and while my beloved logged onto the Internet, I put on a disc to finish the rest of the ST:DS9 episodes that the previous scratched disc had failed to show me. I especially was amused by an episode strictly for Morn. Very nice.

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