Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I had a very busy day yesterday that wasn't made any easier by the rains. It was especially bad when I was up in Alta Loma, right next to the mountains. It was raining buckets up there, while a few miles downhill there was only a drizzle.

Anyway, once home, it was nice that Derek and Theresa stopped in to rest a bit from their drive home from Arizona. forestcats prepared a dinner including cheeses, steak, baked potatoes, creamed spinach and Bananas Foster. Delicious!

After they left, we put on a disc lent us by Randy and Hettie...Across the Universe. When I saw the trailers for the film, I was thoroughly disinterested, but Randy was insistent, and I'm glad he was. The film is filled with Beatles songs, but it gives the impressions of what the 60s were like, without going into details about what the 60s were exactly, thereby making it a more true movie than a lot of them that I've seen. This is more art than history, but that's a good thing. I'm willing to recommend it, now, and I'll spit on the shadow of the advertisers who didn't know how to promote it.

I got too many pages last night, and I'm punchy today, but since I pushed myself yesterday, today should be relatively easy. I won't push too hard, and hopefully I'll get home reasonably early. Maybe tonight we can pop on that Netflix disc of Inception?

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