Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

As I've said in the past, August is slow for doctors, but now that we're in the flu season, we're very busy.

Case in point, yesterday, after we got home from our evening's perambulations, I was in bed asleep more than two hours earlier than usual for me. I slept deeply.

We did do one fun thing, last night, and that was to head over to Puente Hills Speedzone, where on the first Friday of the month, they have an open house with the food trucks. There's a cover charge of $5, and they won't let the food trucks sell drinks (aside from bobas or herbal teas or whatnot) and the Speedzone sets up their own booth to sell drinks at a substantial markup. There were 17 trucks present, and we ate from at least five of them, but one really swamped the stomach, limiting what we could eat. We were there with several friends, some from our local area, and some from out of town.

forestcats got there much earlier than I did, as she came with some of our friends, and she got in line for the Grill 'Em All truck, and she bought me a Behemoth. This is a hamburger with a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches as a bun. There's other things going on, like the onion topping, but the mere thought of that "bun" was mind-boggling enough that I just had to try it. It's a bit overwhelming, and you can imagine that it fills you up. I didn't finish it; had I done so, that would have been it for me for the night. After that, I prowled the trucks, scouting for my next item, while letting the Behemoth settle.

I chose to stand in line for the Lobsta Truck. I purchased their clam chowder, and a lobster roll, and the chowder was outstanding, and the roll very good. Other trucks sampled by my friends (and food shared) included the India Jones truck, which forestcats and I tried as my very first food truck last July. They also tried a Peruvian/Japanese fusion truck, and a Singaporean-style truck, neither name of which I got.

We finished the night with ice cream bars from the Longboard truck. Very nice.

After wasting some time in the associated arcade, we called it a night, and then I *REALLY* called it a night.

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