Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We were pretty busy, yesterday.

We opened with a trip over to the Claremont Farmers Market. We picked up quite a lot of tasty fresh vegetables, a few pears, and some fingerling potatoes. While strolling, we visited with Leah, who was also looking for the week's supply of flavor. Then, a stop at the bagel place for a quick bite, and then home.

We split the vegetable preparation for crudites to bring to my sister's. forestcats made hers pretty, like the radishes as florets. Nice. Then we searched the house for her Medicine cards, but didn't find them right away.

En route to Northridge and my sister's home to watch the Superbowl, we got snarled in a traffic jam near Irwindale, which made us nearly miss the first quarter entirely. We did arrive, and the vegetable platter was appreciated (Oddly, the cucumbers were hit the hardest.).

Being a Green Bay Packers fan from childhood, I was happy with the final score.

We were home relatively early, and while I was watching the fourth disc of The Pacific, forestcats found the Medicine cards. Great!

Then the bad news. During the weekend, the cats interfered with the knock-off E-Reader while it was charging, and apparently broke it. It no longer charges in any way. Since it's a knock-off, I have no where to send it for repairs, which would probably cost more than replacing it anyway. Looks like I'll have to consider replacing it with a Nook.


How was your weekend?
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