Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I have to rant a bit here.

I can see why Borders and other bookstores are having trouble managing to keep from bankruptcy. One of the things that allowed them to grow quickly was the fact that I could always seem to find something odd and interesting on their shelves, and new books were available when they came out, if only a single copy.

Nowadays, I rarely find any but the highest selling authors works on the shelves.

I used to be able to find this particular author's works as soon as they were released. Now, the local B&N or Borders don't have them, and want me to order them from their warehouse. No, I think not. It's Amazon for me.

No wonder they are all hurting.

Since the local shop isn't buying the books, but accepting their orders from a central buyer, they aren't responding to local tastes, but to national "trends".


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