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February 21st, 2011

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08:40 am
We were very busy yesterday.

I opened the day with rounds at all the hospitals, while also taking the calls, of course.

Once home, I did a couple of chores, and then forestcats and I went to Hollywood to participate in Dungeonmaster.

The show was well-attended, and some old friends of ours were kind enough to buy season passes, which was very cool. There were also some sales of the T-shirts, and we're out of XL size. Nearly out of L, for that matter. The episode was set up that the party was to escort a prince on a foraging expedition for him to find princesses from amongst which he had to choose a wife. The actors worked together smoothly, and the audience-players did a terrific job of making the whole thing funny. I can't wait to see what the next episode of this season will bring, on the 6th.

I read a couple of comic books this week, the first being DMZ #62, which seemed like they lost a scene in it, somewhere; the second was Fables #102, which started out as if a scene were missing, as well. Not the best week in comics, I guess.

I'm off call now. Thank goodness.

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