Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday was a real weekend day. But not.

Because we had so much planned for Friday night, even though it didn't all come to pass, I chose to not stop at one hospital where I had no patients, but some charts to do some dictations. I figured that I could stop in for a couple of hours on Saturday and get it all finished. So, that's what I did. I dictated a couple of discharge summaries, and then headed home. I admit, I was in no rush to get out the door, though, and I didn't get started until almost noon.

When I got home, my beloved was feeling under the weather, and she wanted me to sit near her while she napped, so I did, and finished reading a couple of books. As the day wore on, and she felt a little better, we got ourselves prepared, and drove to Burbank, to help in the celebration of themodeinliz's birthday. We met up with the party crowd at Bistro Provence in Burbank, and the company was lots of fun. Best wishes on the upcoming year, Liz!

Dungeonmaster tonight! It should be a great episode!

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