Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I got out to work very early, yesterday, to finish some critical things, and then to meet up with forestcats so that we could subsequently go to my great-uncle's funeral.

Home, I changed into a suit, and then we were off to Newport Beach, the cemetery site. The place looks familiar; we think we attended the funeral of a friend's parent there several years ago. My sister and mother were already at the graveside, and we chatted while the rest of the family and friends arrived.

The rabbi, it turns out, used to work at Mom's synagogue, before getting a position in Orange County. He spoke fairly well, considering he didn't know Uncle Moishe, but he mentioned how Moishe used to do housecalls, and how nobody does that these days. This was amusing, since the work I'd done that morning included two housecalls. I suspect that somewhere, Moishe is smiling about that.

Service over, we went back to Moishe & Helen's home. Helen had been too infirm to go, so we all spent a little time with her. A sandwich, some chatting, especially about Moishe's history. It turns out that my sister had found some materials about Moishe in my father's papers after Dad's death, and they included a copy of Moishe's notice from the US Army about being awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service, as well as a couple of letters that he'd sent from the war, including one to my Dad about Dad's Bar Mitzvah. These were shared, as was Moishe's "book" about his service in the war that he'd written for his daughters. Apparently he was with the 30th Infantry Division; my understanding about his service was flawed, mostly because he never spoke of it. In any case, once I got home last night, I sought out the website devoted to the history of the division, and spent a lot of time studying it. Wow.

We schmoozed with the cousins at Helen's for a while, but when she had to nap, we all went to the cousin's hotel, and continued chatting there until 7PM. Finally, we broke up, and forestcats and I worked our way back into the Inland Empire, and had dinner at a crepe place newly opened in Chino. Not bad...I liked their soup, she liked their bread, but the crepes were a bit less than we might have expected.

And now, off to a housecall!

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