Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Busy, busy day. We did a lot of cleaning, because we were hosting services, and we did some shopping because we were out of a lot of things.

In the evening, we did Ma'ariv service so that I and others who needed to could do Kaddish for their relatives, and we also did a prayer for the safety of the child of one of our friends who is a medic with the Army in Afghanistan. Then we did the Havdallah service, and finally we sat down and read the Megillah for Purim.

We followed that with a cheese fondue, which forestcats had to modify, because we were out of salt, and so she used truffle salt that we happened to have. Oh, my. The fondue was so much tastier! We also had the chocolate fountain out, and that was good, too.

While we were at CostCo, I saw an alcoholic beverage I've never seen before, called Adult Chocolate wasn't bad; tasted something like other chocolate cream liquors I've tasted. It was something of a hit for the group, though, which was pleasant.

And now, I'm achy and tired, and I'm off to sleep.

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