Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I was home at something resembling a reasonable hour, last night, and when forestcats got home, we went out into the rain to get some pizza.

I admit to being something of a pizza snob, when it gets right down to it, because no pizzas here in the LA area that I've experienced hold a candle to any pizza in Chicago. Not even close. The best that this area ever had (Papa Paul's, Via Salvo, Z Pizza in Chino Hills) have all closed, damnation, so we're always on the lookout for some restaurant to take their place.

We've eaten at Cannataro's before, and we like their entrees; good Italian cooking. However, until last night, we hadn't ever had their pizza.

Setting the lousy service we got from the waitress aside, the pizza wasn't anything to get excited about. So, scratch this place off, at least from the pizza search. When I want Italian cooking, I'll avoid Olive Garden, and go here.

Home, we snuggled into the evil couch of dropping off to sleep, and ran through some of the shows on the DVR, followed by an episode of ST:DS9 season 7, off the Netflix disc. I've heard rumors that the whole Star Trek canon will be soon available via streaming on Netflix...hurry up!

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