Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Very late getting home because of monthly nursing home visits. I didn't even finish all the work I had left to do; there'll be more today. *Sigh*.

Late last week, apparently brushette (for those not in the know, our beagle) jumped up, and managed to rip a ligament in one of her back legs. She's been hopping around on three legs since, but her typical cheerful disposition is clouded now. She meets me at the door, but on the ground, not bouncy. The vet is sending us to a veterinary orthopedist, and forestcats has been researching the available repair procedures. Surgery pending, then 8 weeks incarcerated in a kennel to protect the work. Oh, how sad it's going to be, with a beagle constantly protesting.

Not the best news we could have had...

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