Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I've seen a number of people complaining a lot about LJ being difficult to connect with, recently, and loudly proclaiming that they're going to move elsewhere to do their business.

However, it appears that the DDoS attacks that are affecting LJ service are occurring because LJ in Russia is being used by bloggers to speak out against the government's policies. Now, here I am in the USA, and we encourage freedom of speech. LJ is trying to make sure that these bloggers have the opportunity and forum to express themselves.

I think that all of you who use or have used LiveJournal should get right back on there and write something supportive of these goals. Don't abandon them when they are in the midst of defending a right that we here in the US take for granted, when it's a right that either doesn't exist or is under attack elsewhere in the world.

Let's tell LiveJournal that this is something to fight for...
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