Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

With brushette continuing to require close observation postoperatively, at least one of us is spending time with her to make sure she doesn't damage the surgical site. This means that yesterday afternoon, I didn't get to go with forestcats to the Chino Valley Foodie Truck Fest at Don Lugo High School.

I went. I found that there were hundreds of people there, with nine trucks present (Baconmania, Bool, Frysmith, Curbside Cravings, Don Chow, Sweets, Greasy Wieners, Buttermilk, and India Jones). I've eaten at three of these before, and heard of another two. I stood in line for Baconmania with forestcats friend and her husband, but once I'd gotten my food, it wasn't very good. Then, I stood in line a long time (though it was the shortest available line!) for India Jones, and this time the dish was much spicier than when I'd eaten with the before. I wasn't willing to wait any longer, so off I went.

In the evening, sitting up with the pup, I watched another episode of Top Gear season 2, streaming on Netflix.

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