Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So, a couple of months back, our office manager spoke to me about Passover; my boss takes the day before and the first day off, to prepare for the Seders. I told the manager to get me off for the afternoon (i.e. yesterday), but that I'd be in in the morning to deal with patients.

I get there, and I have a full schedule to the end of the day. Office manager: "I don't know how they could have taken off my block." Yeah, right. Assuming, of course, that you bothered to put one on in the first place.

That meant that we got to my sister, the Vegan's, Seder late, since I didn't get out of the office until 5:35. I sat down next to my nephew, and we participated thereupon.

The food was Vegan. Ick. I tasted nearly all of the available foodstuffs with one exception. The only significant protein was salmon patties made by my mother. Mom's salmon patties are not favored in my eyes. I chose not to risk my alimentary tract with them.

Once the third sibling and her family left for the night, we ended up sitting around the table, and the ensuing conversation was compellingly pleasant, and rather deep. I didn't know anyone left at the table aside from forestcats and my sister the artist/instructor at Los Angeles City College, but they were intelligent, opinionated, and educated, and we had a very nice time. Definitely made up for the cuisine.

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