Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

#29, 30

There's days on end when I don't finish a book, and then I finish several in a few days. The last couple of days have been like that.

Since yesterday, I finished two books.

First was The Compleat Distiller, a manual of distillation of spirits as well as herbal essences. It's very technical, not an easy read. Not bad, and if I decide to LEGALLY produce oils or scents from things from our garden, because production of distilled spirits from beer, wine, or mead is ILLEGAL here in the US, I'll have a proper manual on how to go about it.

Second was a graphic novel, The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles: Book One, whose art I liked, and I thought they did a credible job with the subject matter. Not bad.
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