Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We're down to one kitten, now, and the poor thing, used to five other siblings, is a bit lonely. Anybody got a home out there for a boy kitten who likes to purr?

I had a fair amount of work, yesterday, and was home a little late. We had a filling dinner, and then watched a documentary about The Doors, called When You're Strange. It's not bad; it includes a lot of real footage, but there's some material that has what appears to be a Jim Morrison look-alike wandering the desert that just seems disjointed...put in as filler or something. Then, forestcats pressed me to watch some of season one of That '70s Show which brought back memories of the era. It's set in 1976 Wisconsin, for those who've never watched it (like, until last night, me). At that date, I would have been a senior at UCLA, but in 1977, I moved to Chicago, and I would make occasional visits to Wisconsin, so the show rings true to me. Anyway, it's nice to watch a little comedy amongst all the serious stuff.
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