Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Another day in the East...

We prowled local stores, yesterday, including some quilt shops, and a bookstore devoted to a local poet. Although forestcats chose to purchase a bit of fabric here and there, for the most part the shops didn't carry fabric to our tastes.

In the evening, we drove into West Virginia, and found that we liked Huntington better than the lifestyle in eastern Kentucky. We might spend the early afternoon back there later today. We went to synagogue in West Virginia, of all places! Reform, though. We agreed that we preferred our own group's service, but it was nice to meet up with the wedding party at last.

After the services, we followed the bride's parents to their home, and sat and chatted for a bit...and we were warned not to drink the water! Apparently, for years now the local water system hasn't been able to keep the water clean enough to meet state standards (i.e. coliform count, Giardia infestation!!!).

Once and for all, the Sony PRS700 ereader has given up the ghost; third time and I give up. It goes into the trash when we get home. I hope I'll be able to strip files off the extra memory chips, but the files that were loaded initially into the main memory will be toast, and that's that. What a useless piece of crap! At least I have a more reliable piece of hardware to use, not to mention the iPhone.

Wedding today, followed by reception, and then we'll be driving some (most?) of the way back to Louisville for tomorrow's flight home.

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