Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

While we were away, a Netflix disc arrived, and a couple of new TV shows got taped to the DVR, just to see if they were worth watching.

The former was season one, disc one of Fringe, and to our friends who've recommended it, yes, I like it, and yes, I've added the rest of the available discs to Netflix. More are en route.

Of the shows on the DVR, the first that we watched was Falling Skies from TNT; I was impressed by the feel the pilot gave us, and I'm intrigued enough to follow it for the foreseeable future.

The other show was Outcasts from BBC America. This one, though I'll follow for at least a little while longer, didn't strike me as well. It has its moments, but overall it hasn't grabbed me the way these other two shows did.

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