Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Busy, busy day.

After slowly starting out for the day, and chatting with our hosts, forestcats and I drove down to Grant Park/Millennium Park for Taste of Chicago, though none of our friends were interested in joining us. We arrived just before it opened, wandered the north end of the park (The Bean! The concert shell!), and then entered Taste.

It was hot (92), humid (60%), with essentially no breeze, and little shade.

The food was occasionally terrific, often good, and rarely bad.

We finally tried Lou Malnotti's pizza, which purports to be the best in Chicago, which made the third pizza we'd had in two days in town, a record for us. I discovered a delight in bhel, an Indian dish from a vegetarian restaurant. I found that I don't care for bunelos.

Finally, worn down by heat, we traded in our last tickets for bottled water, and then headed south to our old stomping grounds of Hyde Park. We drove around, looking at our neighborhood, and seeing the changes since our last visit. We stopped at Harold Washington Park, where we had often visited the giant communal nests of the monk parakeets, but this time the main tree had apparently fallen, and the nest was no more. Sad, not seeing/hearing them buzzing amongst the trees.

We then traveled a bit farther south to 57th Street; we quickly found a parking space, learned the new system to pay for parking, and then found and entered a salon where I got a haircut that I'd been needing for a couple of weeks, while forestcats had her hair done. Mine was finished in about 15 minutes, hers took more like 195, so I wandered up to 57th Street Books (where I purchased three books...I have a membership in the Seminary Co-op, which the store is part of; I rarely use my discount, but I like supporting them when I can). When she still wasn't ready, I went across the street to Powell's Bookstore and found three books that have sat on my Amazon Wish List for at least ten years. Lastly, I peeked into O'Gara's Bookstore...found out that the owner that I'd known had died in the late 90s, as had the cat that used to join us and chat with my wife.

Finally finished, and looking gorgeous, she and I headed back to Evanston for dinner with our hosts, and then we introduced them to The Guild's music videos, and Shaun the Sheep, but wine, heat and exercise put us down and out for the night.

The adventure continues tomorrow!

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