Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We're done with the 4th, here, though not back home (in fact, you guys are probably just getting home from fireworks!), and it was a pleasant day, both weather and activity. We helped with a variety of duties as our hosts put on an Independence Day BBQ, with slowly smoked ribs as the main course. A parade marched by a half block away, and we could get glimpses of it down the street, and could here the bands (including a calliope and a bagpipe band playing the Marine Hymn!). In the evening, forestcats and I took a walk a little over a mile away, right past the stadium where Northwestern plays football, to the beach on Lake Michigan to watch some fireworks. Our path took us past a number of fireflies, a fitting start to the fun.

More to do after the day starts, or put another way, I'll be off to bed momentarily.

Oh, and I finished the other book I brought, so I'm now reading the Ematic and the iPhone iBooks app.
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