Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It's been busy.

Wednesday night we went down to Tinley Park and met up with Stuart/John/Nancy/Andrea for dinner. We ate at Isabella's, a very nice cafe where the food was outstanding, as was the company/conversation. I'm glad we could get down there to visit with them.

Thursday, after an interlude in bureaucratic incompetence, we loaded up Natalie and Callista and all the luggage, and off we went to Madison, Wisconsin. We stopped by the state sign at the border for a photo op, and then a cheese shop on the way where among our loot was cherry wine and blueberry wine! Once in the city, the iPhone Map app got us easily to the hotel, and we checked in, unloaded, and then wandered down to registration, where you had to line up by first name! OK...

Then we went to an Irish pub place for dinner. Walking over we discovered that our hotel is a block away from the Wisconsin State Capitol, and I quickly took a photo of the building. Then there's a cheese shop a block away as well. In fact, there's also a military museum about Wisconsin men at arms, and a museum of Wisconsin history, right around the corner. Wow.

The pub's food was fairly good; blandish in a Wisconsin kind of style. They had Magner's on tap, though, and that was grand.

After eating, the four of us wandered back into the hotel, and heard some laughter down a corridor, and we found ourselves in a convention committee meeting where Sir Terry Pratchett was speaking to the concom. He gave a couple of amusing anecdotes, and then the meeting broke up in favor of going to the Seamstress' Guild room party, so we followed, had a bit of ice cream and a tipple, and then off to bed.

Today, NADWCon 2 starts functioning fully. I'm sure I'll have more to say, later.

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