Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


Another day at the convention.

We opened with forestcats finishing another costume, this one for rince1wind, using the costumers' room sewing machines, and delivering it to the customer at the Art Show. While there, we met with a person decked out as the Librarian, and he was emphatic as to his appreciation of the quilt she'd hung in the Art Show.

After mucking about a bit, we wandered out into the daylight, and stopped around the corner at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, which was being docented by a WWII Veteran that day. It's small, and free, but I left a donation anyway.

There's an Art Walk going on around the Capitol, yesterday and today, with quite the crowds. We wandered a bit, but I found the heat/humidity/sunlight a bit much. Down a couple of blocks, we stopped in at Fromagination, to which we had a Grupon, and we ate some cheese samples with a bit of wine. Fair...I added a sandwich, but due to the crowds, it wasn't prepared fresh, and I have to say that it wasn't too tasty.

After that, I returned to the convention to sit and listen to a couple of things that PTerry was doing, and later forestcats and I sat in the very front during PTerry's chat/Q&A, which she filmed, so expect those files to be on the Internet somewhere (soon, if not already).

The lot of us took to the street after that to get a bite to eat, and though we left looking for Laotian food, I got turned around, and we ended up at a Nepali restaurant called Chautara, and it was delicious, with just enough food to satisfy all of us.

Back at the convention, and it was time for the Masquerade, and there were some wonderful pieces. Memorable was Twoflower, with a radio-controlled Luggage; the Lady with the Dance of the 7 Concealed Weapons; Gladys, the Golem.

I can hardly wait to see what today brings!

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