Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday was the auction for charity at the convention, and we ended up with several purchases, including a poster, a couple of shirts, a signed Munchkin card (with a certificate to get Sir Terry to sign's The Luggage!), and the quilt. It was fun; the auctioneer is a friend of Pratchett's and he was a delight.

There was also a surprise guest at a talk about Good Omens (and, for that matter, Good Omens, at least a little bit), in that Neil Gaiman showed up, and he and Sir Terry Pratchett took the stage to bat around their memories of writing the book, selling the book, and how it's all gone putting it on screen. Gaiman's reception by the conventioneers was very warm, and he seemed glad to be here.

Later, we found the Laotian restaurant that we'd sought on Saturday, but it looked pretty cheesy, so we ended up at a place called Hawk's, where I had honey onion soup (delicious), and a steak sandwich with Jamaican jerk marinade (not bad). Others' food wasn't as good as mine, I'm afraid, you YMMV. We followed that up by stopping at a gelato place which was also good.

In the evening, we were pretty worn down, and we started packing for the morning's checkout. I stuck my head in at filking, where forestcats was clearly having a good time; visited the game room, where I was given another copy of a Munchkin limited edition card of The Luggage, though not signed by the artist, and I looked in at the end of The Color of Magic in the Cthinema Room.

Today we have to load up the car, visit the post-auction signings, checkout, drive to Evanston, drop off our friends, pick up our other suitcase, and drive to Tinley Park. Tomorrow is our flight home.

I wonder if brushette and corveys will recognize us?

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