Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Our day opens with severe thunderstorms racing through town, with lightning and high winds. By midday, yesterday, I had the special card from Munchkin signed by PTerry, as well as the signature from the artist, and then we packed up the rental car and headed across Wisconsin. Turned right at Milwaukee, and made a stop in Racine County to pick up some kringle for the Wainwrights to taste. We made it into Evanston to find most of the stop lights out, and many branches and a few trees down, blocking some of the streets. rince1wind found some of her tomato plants knocked to the ground as we pulled into her driveway, and she went right to fixing them up. Then it was packing time, to put together our laundry and took everything down to the car. We managed to make our way down to Tinley Park just ahead of the rush hour, thank God.

We had a nice evening of pizza, Oberweis ice cream, and the company of strynn, his wife, Andrea; Nancy and John (our hosts). But now, after being awakened by the posting of birthday greetings activating my iPhone, we're off to Midway Field to catch a plane home.
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