Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I blew through this library book in just a few days. It's Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell, a novel about an intern at a NY hospital who happens to be a Mafia hitman on the Witness Protection Program. Recognized by a patient, all hell breaks loose. Very amusing.

I also got through this week's comic books, starting with DMZ #67, which I'm liking less and less, and The Red Wing #1, which I was persuaded to buy at the comic shop to try out, and which I didn't care for at all. The former is still dealing with the aftereffects of a civil war in the US, while the latter is supposed to be about a war fought across time. Sorry, couldn't get into it the way it was presented.

I really pressed hard to be done with work in time to go to services, last night, due to it being my father's yahrzeit, but because of that, by the time services were over, and I'd said Kaddish, I was wiped out, and not much fun as company for our Havurah. I got home, went up to bed, and played Penn & Teller's Bullshit on the handheld DVD player, dozing through most of the episodes on the disc, picking up on a bit here and there. Finally, I wound down and slept. I'm still coughing this morning, and forestcats has some chicken soup brewing for me, but I'm taking it very easy this weekend; nothing. Not a thing. I'm not even going to go visit Dad's grave, I'm just too bushed.

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