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Although I'd planned on staying home, yesterday, a few things came up. OTOH, forestcats did make me some of her chicken soup with fresh-made matzoh balls to act as Jewish penicillin to help with my illness. For breakfast, I ate two bowls; for lunch, which we shared with Elizabeth, one. Still, we did leave the house a couple of times. For starters, forestcats asked if I would go with her to the fabric store; they were having a sale, and she wanted to scope things out. En route, I dropped off the library book. The fabric store was pretty picked over; looks like they haven't the funds to keep it as well-stocked as a few years ago. Sad.

Later, forestcats asked me to help with milking the cow. She's not been on the milking panel for a while, because this cow is vicious, but she was asked to cover for someone out of town, and so I went. Having two humans to one bovine made all the difference. While there, we had a couple of nature experiences...first, was a caterpillar. It's been years since I've seen one in "the wild", and finding this one crawling on the path at the farm was very cool. Second, while we were setting up and working, flock after flock of small birds flew about twenty feet overhead; dozens at a time, and you could hear all their wings beating. Delightful!

One other thing I was useful for was keeping the barn cats out of the milk during the process. They seemed a bit put out, so when we'd gotten 2.5 gallons or so, forestcats left just a bit in the pail, canted over at an angle, so the kitty could have a drink. Then she took the gear back into the shed and sterilized it all.

Evening's work done, we stopped at an Italian restaurant for a bite before heading home.

Not exactly a day resting at home, was it?

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