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Yesterday, I finished reading a Mike Resnick novel; sort of a steampunk meets Wild West meets horror novel. It's called The Buntline Special: A Weird West Tale; the protagonist is Doc Holliday. It's a fast, fun read, but it's very reminiscent of his Widowmaker novels.

This morning, I also read this week's comic book, Fables #107. It's gone back to an interesting place from several issues back, and they've decided to go in a different direction. Luckily enough, it interests me, so I'm not dumping them yet.

As our evening with themodeinliz and axelicious was postponed for one day, forestcats suggested we go out to see Cowboys & Aliens. Now, when I saw the first trailer of this film, I thought, "Oh, this will be terrible, but we HAVE to see it." Well, I was wrong. It's NOT terrible; it follows a standard Western formula, but just adds the aliens as the force to be overcome. Is it great cinematic material? No. But was it a fun romp? Oh, yes.

We caught a relatively early showing in Claremont, and then needed to eat, so next door to our parking lot we found a Thai restaurant that we had yet to try, and so we ate at Bua Thai Cuisine. It's very good.

We dozed off on the couch; I woke at 0130 and realized that we'd best drag ourselves to bed. Then, this morning, when the alarm went off, forestcats urged me to just go back to sleep. So I did...
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