Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Last evening was pretty busy.

It started as I was finishing up at work; forestcats called me to urge me home quickly as the Crepes Bonaparte truck was going to be nearby, parked a few blocks from Cal Poly Pomona. She wanted to get dinner/dessert from them, but was afraid that there'd be a long line, and that the food would run out. I hurried home, and off we went.

The truck was parked in the lot of a shop that apparently sells used textbooks for the student body of the college; being August, they were closed for the season. There were a few folks present for the crepes, and we chatted with a couple who'd been eating across the street, and they'd hurried over to get dessert crepes. My wife and I each had a savory crepe, and then followed that with dessert. Very nice.

Then, she took me to Amy's Farm, where she proceeded to milk. A couple gallons later, we returned home, where my beloved got down to the business of cheesemaking. We finished another Netflix disc of Fringe, and a bit of streaming, to complete the evening.

Yum. Fresh-made cheese!

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