Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We had us one really busy day, yesterday.

We opened early with Saturday morning religious services with our Havurah friends. Due to illnesses in the extended families, services went very quickly, and we were out a good hour or more earlier than usual.

We used the time to stop at the Cheese Cave in Claremont to pick up some fresh tasty items.

Then, we rested a bit in the early afternoon. Rest = nap in my case.

Mid-afternoon we drove into LA to celebrate Dan Sandoval's birthday at his parents' home. Dan has been teaching English in China for some time, and works a second job for several Chinese publications as a photographer. He does some terrific work! We sat and chatted for a bit, which we all enjoyed, and then we had to push on to our next activity.

A specialist that our group uses often had invited the entire office to dinner, last night, at the Arroyo Chop House, a steak place in Pasadena. We arrived exactly on time, and were ushered into a dark, noisy, mildly uncomfortable setting. There were so many people at our table that we couldn't even SEE the folks at the far end, let alone talk. In fact, I could barely hear the woman sitting across from me, and most of my chatting was confined to forestcats or the dietician on my other hand. The entrees were ill-prepared, possibly because of the large size of our table (more than 20!), but I've read mixed reviews of the place, so maybe not. The sides that I had were good, the salad not. Anyway, we finished up there, and back home.

In the recent past, my beloved complained that little of what we had on our streaming list for Netflix pertained to comedy, and so when we got home, I showed her that I'd rectified that, and played a documentary called Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project. There were really funny parts, but it was mostly a biography of the comedian. We were both very pleased by the show. I've seen Rickles in a lounge in Tahoe, years ago; forestcats hasn't, and I urged her to try to find him when's he's local to go see him.

I think today is going to be a day of puttering around the house, and getting some things done. We'll see...
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