Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We had quite the busy day, again, yesterday.

I opened with some necessary computer time, fiddling with one thing or another on the desktop that I didn't have time for the previous week.

Next, forestcats asked for my help in reconstructing a cat cage that was out in the garage, so we could then later load it into the truck, and bring it to Barbara Mah's place so she could capture and pen up the kittens and their mother from her backyard, the former to de-flea and gift to homes, the latter to spay. The rebuild took a lot out of us, in the hot garage, but the cage was delivered intact and functional. While at Barbara's place, my spouse caught three of the seven kittens; I gather than more have been caught since then.

Once home, we were pretty drained from the work, and napped/rehydrated for a few hours.

Then, we popped out to Philly's Best for sandwiches.

We finished off a few things from the DVR, and finished a few things from the Netflix streaming. Little things got done around the house, as well. I think that my wife got a lot done on a quilt for squeakytina, too.

Now for two days of intense work, and then a few days completely off...
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