Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We eased into the day, yesterday, and went out for lunch to Harvard Square in Claremont, where the food was good, but too expensive for what you got. Then to the British store where they had the first Violet Crumble bars that I've seen in maybe years.

In the evening, Jeff and James Cavin stopped by, and we all went out to the restaurant at Bass Pro Shop for dinner. James has shot up to 6'2", with room to grow more yet, and he's playing football as a lineman for his high school. My food was good, and the Cavins appeared to enjoy theirs (a teen male probably eats his body weight daily when he's in football training...I mean, really...). Afterwards, we wandered the store, and marveled at the many stuffed mammals, fish and birds.

Wedding tonight...

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