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A cousin from Minnesota has been in town for much of this week with his girlfriend, and yesterday, which happened to be his birthday, my mother had them over for a family get-together. It was delightful. We enjoyed the company of Aaron and Heather, and visiting with my sister and her family, my aunt and uncle, my Mom, and cousin Arlynne was quite nice. I had several long talks with family that I rarely see, and it was a real joy.

After that, since we were nearly out that far, we drove out to Woodland Hills so forestcats could replenish her supply of cheesewax and rennet for her production line. Then, we stopped at the Last Grenadier so I could pick up a couple of items that our local game shop doesn't carry. Finally, we stopped in the garment district, but the shops that she really wanted to examine weren't open on the weekend. Too bad.

Once home, and after the equines had been given their evening meal, we went out to a relatively new restaurant in Chino, called Bento Box. The food was good, though the menu was more simple than most Japanese places offer; unfortunately, the service was very slow.
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