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August 22nd, 2011

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08:36 am
After some chores around the house, and then putting up a string of lights and some artwork in the computer room, forestcats and I drove down to Escondido to visit with Sanford and Shelly Friedman and their daughter Julie. I've known Sanford since high school, and we occasionally see each other. They've often suggested we visit them at their home, but circumstances rarely permitted that. The drive is 90 minutes or so each way, so it's just a bit difficult to find the time.

This was our very first visit to their home. It was beautiful, and the yard was wonderfully landscaped. We were honored to have a viewing of rabbits that pop into the yard, as well. They're just sufficiently distant from the freeway for the local sounds to be of birds and the breeze through the leaves, which is very relaxing. We had dinner in their backyard, and it was delightful.

Home, we crashed. Back to work today...

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