Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Hiding from the heat after work, yesterday, I finished reading a new Niven & Barnes novel, The Moon Maze Game.

This is the fourth novel about Dream Park. Dream Park, the original book of the series, I loved, but never expected a sequel. The Barsoom Project was a fair sequel, but not as good...not as fresh. Then, The California Voodoo Game, third novel in the series, really didn't live up to the first.

This latest book is the best sequel, IMHO. However, it's not flawless. It could have been edited better. There's several times in the book where the POV shifts without sufficient warning, and one place where a speaker contradicts himself in the space of two facing pages. I was surprised at that evidence of slipshod work.

OTOH, it's a page turner. I could only put it down to work...

If you haven't read Dream Park, go hunt it down. The other sequels aren't really necessary to enjoy this. Then, after you read this one, you can decide if you want to go back to the other sequels. Have fun!

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