Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

My wife and I packed up early and drove to Gateway 2011, a gaming convention held near LAX, because in the evening we were to help with the Dungeonmaster episode. We went early to pass out flyers for the show, and for Legends of Atoll, its web series. I spent some time (and $) in the hucksters room, and we schmoozed with some people. Finally, the cast started arriving, and then they put on costumes to pass out more flyers.

We had a similar-sized audience to the one we get in Hollywood, but the average age was much lower. Still, the show went well, the folks had fun, and we seemed to have left them with a good feeling about it all. I hope we see some of them at Write Act Theater for the upcoming season (which starts a week from today!).

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