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September 12th, 2011

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08:50 am
I admit to still being pumped up from yesterday's show.

You see, ten years ago, on 9/7/01, Dungeonmaster had its opening in Santa Monica after fifteen years or so on hiatus from its run in Chicago.

And it's still going on.

There's been changes in venue, changes in cast, changes in producers, changes in directors, but the show still goes on!

The new season opened last night with a full house. Several former cast members attended in honor of the tenth anniversary, and in celebration we served snacks and drinks gratis to all who attended. forestcats freshly baked a variety of tasty items, most of which were consumed before the show.

The show itself was great fun; they even called onstage "The Ancients" which included axelicious as Taka, and ME as Mycroft. It was delightful.

After the show, and takedown of various items, we joined a few others at Pepper Thai restaurant very close to the venue for dinner. The food was good, and relatively inexpensive, and the conversation was very good.

Next show in two weeks!

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