Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday, we went out to Don Lugo High School in Chino because they were having a food truck event again to raise more moneys for the school district. It certainly appeared successful for that. I've been to one before, here, and they had about a dozen trucks; this event had 14. It started late (thanks ever so much, O you fire inspector), and the truck I most wanted to eat from (LudoTruck) took forever to open, but the food from it was very good and worth the wait. See my Yelp post for more information, if you want. forestcats ate from different trucks than I did, and she shared a bit of pizza from SliceTruck which was better than any pizza locally.

Following that, our plans changed as there'd been some miscommunication, so we stopped at the Fort's house and chatted with them a bit, and then offered to have them over for some grilling. Then it was back home to do a bit of clean-up in advance.

Unfortunately, more miscommunication ensued, and we had to postpone the fun. *Sigh*. I grilled, nonetheless, to feed my spouse, and following that we ran a couple of Netflix discs. First was Doc Martin and the Legend of the Cloutie, which was very amusing, and then second was another disc of season two Fringe. We're nearly done with that season, and forestcats had me add Fringe to our DVR list, so that when we're done with season three, we'll already have several season four shows to watch.

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