Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

On the one hand, I exhausted myself yesterday, and I really didn't have to. OTOH, I had a great time, and I'm glad I did it.

So what am I babbling about?

I rarely have time to run my Rolemaster game, and I leave the scheduling to my beloved forestcats so that the game fits into our other events. Between call (and I don't play when I have to be on call) and our other social obligations and preferred activities, there isn't much available time. The last time we played, aside from this weekend, was back in February! This from a guy who used to run the game weekly unless I was out of town.

This time, however, my sweetheart based her plans on a schedule that was out of date, and offered to our gamers two possible September dates. There was some evidence of agreement on the 24th, and so it was written, so shall it be done. Unfortunately, with just over a week to go, we noticed that I was going to have to be on call. Rather than cancel, I went through some nasty antics to make it to the game.

First, I tried to take at least one of the new additions to the game through the process of rolling up a character well in advance...but that turned out to be four days before and because of my own scheduling issues, it was incomplete.

Second, after Friday night services, I took a nap, and then after midnight, I went out and started rounds at two of the three hospitals. I finished and was home in bed by 4:30.

Saturday morning, I went to the office for an hour or so, and saw four patients, and then finished the last hospital a block away. I was home by about 12:30 for my noon game, and luckily the second new player was already working up a wood elf with the help of an experienced member of my group. I helped the other guy complete his, and then we were off.

The game was fun, and we had some laughs. forestcats made up a corned beef that was very tasty. We quit by 10PM, and then I could barely keep awake. I slept pretty deeply, beeper aside, all night, and woke fairly fresh. Soon, I'll be off doing the rounds again, so we can go to Dungeonmaster this evening.

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