Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Last evening, my beloved was desiring to go out for a bite, so we stopped off at a Thai place we hadn't tried before, in Chino Hills. I posted about it on Yelp. On the one hand, its decor was not too bad, though TV screens all over the place wasn't quite what we wanted. Soup was good. However, on our entrees, the beef and the shrimp were overcooked. Not the best we've had, I'm afraid. Name of the place? I've already forgotten it...

Next door is a place, Roscoe's, that purports to be a deli. We've eaten there before, and I'm never going back. If a deli is by definition a place that sells sandwiches, then I suppose that Roscoe's is a deli. However, if a deli is a place that's a center for Jewish lifestyle, then Roscoe's isn't any such thing. If anything, it's a sports bar that happens to sell sandwiches. Maybe it's a deli in the sense that the waitstaff is crappy? In any case, in comparison with the places I talked about yesterday, this shouldn't even be considered!

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