Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I consider myself to be a gamer. I've been involved in strategy games since I first watched my cousins playing Midway during Thanksgiving when I was eight; I had my first strategy game, 1914, a gift from my uncle, before I was Bar Mitzvah. After years of playing and collecting SPI and Avalon Hill games, I started with D&D not very long after it was introduced into SoCal; round about September of 1975. I played with a variety of people back then, including occasional forays to the LASFS clubhouse of the day. I fiddled with early computer games at a shop that had set up an early Apple II, but I didn't get my own computer for several years thereafter. And I did dabble with a few computer games. I have a Wii and a Playstation 2, but I rarely use either, aside from having been pretty active with the Wii's exercise software in the past.

So what's the problem? Well, nowadays it takes nearly an act of Congress before I can get the time to run my game, and forestcats pointed out rightly that it's been years since I played in anyone else's. For that matter, although I buy an occasional game title that intrigues me, it's a rarity. And I haven't sat down to a board game, as far as I can remember, since we last played Pax Britannica at Patrick's house in the Bay Area, before he met and married his present wife. Last time I was involved in a miniatures game, for that matter, was when I took a weekend off, flew to Oakland, and stayed with Patrick to play in a naval battle set in the Russo-Japanese War; that was at least three years ago, and maybe more.

In fact, here I am, sitting at my computer, with my wife out with a friend at a quilt show, and I could be playing a computer game, but I'm not. Lo, how the mighty hath fallen!

Still, it could be argued that a lot of my gaming time and energy is invested in supporting Dungeonmaster; I think that's fair. And I do run my game at least twice a year, and I'd like it to be at least monthly. But forestcats observation isn't wrong, and I do think I pine a bit for the opportunity.

So, maybe I need to shift things round a bit in the garage to see what games I have there. Maybe I need to set up a table in there, and put out a board game, just to fiddle with it. Maybe I need to find a regular game that I might be able to commit to, to participate as a player, just to flex those creative muscles. But I don't think I'll be able to find the time.

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