Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I kept myself rather busy, yesterday.

First of all, I finished a several month's project: I cleared out the last garbage files on iTunes, and I finally hooked up the iPod to let it flush out the crap, and load the maximum materials.

While that was percolating, I went to the bank, and did some things that I've needed to do for months, but didn't have the time. While out, I also picked up a library book that had arrived Thursday.

A bit of laundry, some work on Yogi, a bit here, a bit there...

Then, I put on a Bill Hicks stream via Netflix on the TV, while further puttering occurred. Hicks was amusing. Once done, up went Carlin. Less amusing. Later in the evening, Bill Engvall. I liked it, but forestcats got bored with him. So, she asked for, and got, Tangled via streaming, and it was visually terrific. Not bad storyline: typically Disney.

Today will be busy, indeed, as we have some meetups to do. More about that, later.
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