Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Odd bits, here and there:

I had a chance to go, Wednesday night, with forestcats to the food truck event held weekly in Rowland Heights. Usually, there's six to eight trucks, but due to the rain, there was only two. One had pretty standard Mexican food; the only interesting aspect was that they made shrimp burritos and other dishes with fish and shrimp. The other vehicle was Jogasushi. They make sushi burritos. I had one, and it was delicious. No line, because very few people came out in fear of water falling from the sky, instead of spraying from sprinklers.

In all fairness, it had just finished raining, but the storm front had passed, and the sky was clearing overhead when we got there.

Very good food.

One other tidbit is that I've finally had a chance to get a look at a Traveller product for the SF RPG that I got at Gateway from the War House booth; I can feel a hankering to play or GM some Traveller! *Sigh*.
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