Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It's been a busy couple of days.

I took Friday off work to prepare for Yom Kippur. We'd planned to spend the whole holiday with my mother, which we haven't done in years, at Temple Valley Beth Shalom in the San Fernando Valley. It's the shul where I did my Bar Mitzvah, and it's changed greatly since those days. My mother's seat at synagogue is the same as it's been all that time, though instead of having five tickets, now she has one. She got us roaming tickets for the service, so if a ticketholder came up to us, we'd have to move.

Anyway, we got a variety of things done around the house, and then left very early for the Valley. We planned to eat in the late afternoon, and stopped at Arts Delicatessen in Studio City. I have some history here; I posted about it. forestcats saw a celebrity, but my back was towards him, and I missed him as he left. (Ed Begley, apparently)

After a hefty meal of sides and a pastrami/chopped liver sandwich for me, a turkey Reuben for her, we went on to Mom's, and met up. My youngest sister stopped by with her youngest, and then they headed home, and we headed to synagogue. Nothing remarkable, except for a huge congregation, and Rabbi Schulweiss (sp?) gave a thirty minute sermon I slept through.

Next day we were back, and went again to services; there was another celebrity at this one, as the Mayor of Los Angeles made an appearance, and was called to the pulpit for a few words. He stayed for a while afterwards, but certainly not for the whole service.

After all was done with services, we went to the home of my youngest sister and her family, and broke fast. Ah!

Home, I put on first Fringe, and we finished season two. Then, I finished season 15 of Top Gear, UK version. Finally, to bed.

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