Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Odd and late start to the day, yesterday, but then again, not a late start, just a late start to WORK...

Anyway, we open the scene with me ensconced in my typical morning perusal of whatever flotsam the Internet throws up onto the screen, when I am called from downstairs to participate in a dogwalk, the whole pack, mind you, in an attempt to get them to deposit stool samples. Why? Because my beloved is having them checked out for worms, don't you know. Now, our dogs have a dog door into the backyard, and therefore they don't save their organic wastes for the terrain outside the yard, typically, though they are known to make such use of places like dogparks. So our trip was in vain, alas. Next, we stood guard over them, ziplock bags at hand, while at least Cody, our inheritance pet, did her duty after our return to the yard. The other two, though, not so much.

My beloved wife had a gardening class to attend, with a veterinarian appointment (in Temecula!!!) later in the afternoon, and so I was instructed to stand in her place until at least one more dog had carried out her orders. She left, and time passed. Finally, corveys left a sample in the yard, while brushette, who I am very certain had had her constitutional while it was still dark out and the two of us were still sleeping, did not. I bagged and tagged a bit of the mess, and left it near Cody's baggie.

I then returned to the computer, including a two-hour update of my iPhone!

forestcats returned, while I was starting my ablutions, finally, and while I was in the shower, decided to water the garden, thereby parboiling me. Ah, the delights! She then stormed into the house demanding to know where the second sample was, while I had shampoo in my hair. I finished up, dressed, and stepped outside to find a tornado swirling around the yard, lashing out verbally left and right. Cody's sample was still where she'd put it, but the spare bags, the pen, and corveys' sample were not!

While my beloved cast imprecations to the sky, I wandered around, looking for ziplocks. In the breezeway, twenty yards away, I found the unopened bag, and returned it to her for her veterinarian's delight.

Thus, I was approximately three and a half hours late out the door to work...

Mostly, let's blame the iPhone, shall we?

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