Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We stopped in to see Erich and Connie Lynn at their home party, last night, before they move to the Bay Area. Connie Lynn had set out boxes of books, a pile of CDs, and other things that they don't plan to take with them, and she was asking folks to take whatever they liked. It was quite the conversation starter, as people talked about the books that they'd liked in the stacks, and freely chose books to take home. I gathered some fantasy novels by Charles Stross, and pressed on Tom a Gaiman book and one of the Retief collections. Erich had me autograph a copy of The Mines of Selka that he'd purchased through, which provoked a laugh from Tom; I'm not unhappy that seekers can still find some of my work floating around out there somewhere.

As it got later, Tom drove us home, and at forestcats request, we put on The Life Aquatic by Steve Zissou, which Tom hadn't seen. And thus went the evening.

Dungeonmaster tomorrow!
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