Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Such a day, such a day, yesterday.

For starters, we bade Tom a fond adieu as he left for Ontario Airport to return to Chicago. We mourn with him on the loss of his cousin.

Then, a little later, the expected arrival of folks new to my game didn't take place; a fuel pump failed on the freeway, and they were delayed by almost two hours. This was unfortunate, but there's not much to be done about it but ride the wave.

I did run my Rolemaster game; we had eight players, one brand new, one fairly new, and three who we haven't seen in a bit. Unfortunately, ladyarcana55 had a pretty severe headache, and she and her carpool had to go home early. Sadness. OTOH, there was a lot going on in the house, as with our three, there were four additional dogs roaming around, leading to some marked interactions to assign pack order. A real lesson in canine sociology. Also, just as we were coming to something of a climax in the game, corveys vomited again, as had been happening several times that day, and this time there was blood in it. forestcats promptly loaded him in the truck, and raced off to the Vet ER nearby. I packed up the game, dealt with leftover foodstuffs, waved goodbye to the players, and followed her.

It wasn't serious, thank goodness; probably a combination of medications he was taking for allergies with the stress of the social pressures in the house. After they topped him off with some subcutaneous fluids and some anti-nauseants, he looked four years younger and frisky, so we don't expect any difficulties hereafter.

Dungeonmaster later today! We'll be there, how about you?

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