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October 30th, 2011

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09:04 am
We packed on Thursday night, and had everything arranged. Of course, even though my junior associate had said that she'd take over the beeper at midnight so I could get some sleep before heading to the airport, someone screwed up and I got paged at 0430. However, we were up soon thereafter, and picked up by taxi at 0550.

It was the flight of the kangaroo. Up, down, up down. Ontario to Las Vegas to Chicago to Orlando. All the same plane. Ugh.

I slept. I read. I drank some ginger ale. I ate some snack foods.

Finally, we landed in Florida, after dark, as the rain eased off. Baggage claim, rental car, drive to the hotel.

The clerk at registration was pleasant, friendly, and eased us into the Radisson. We ate a forgettable meal at the Cargo Bay, which was advertised as Floridean food, but was not very good Italian.

Then back to the room to crash and burn.

We'll see how the day pans out tomorrow.

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